Senior Software Engineer Jobs at CRISIL

Senior Software Engineer Jobs Information:

About CRISIL Market Intelligence & Analytics

CRISIL Market Intelligence & Analytics, a division of CRISIL, provides independent research, consulting, risk solutions, and data & analytics. Our informed insights and opinions on the economy, industry, capital markets and companies drive impactful decisions for clients across diverse sectors and geographies.

Our strong benchmarking capabilities, granular grasp of sectors, proprietary analytical frameworks and risk management solutions backed by deep understanding of technology integration, make us the partner of choice for public & private organizations, multi-lateral agencies, investors and governments for over three decades.



Job Description

J2EE, Spring Boot, SQL, Angular 13, Micro Services

Open Positions


Mandatory Skills

J2EE, Spring Boot, SQL, Angular 13, Micro Services


Crisil House, Central Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Education Qualification



6 to 8 Years

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Java Developer Jobs at Kotak Bank

Kotak Bank jobs

Job Name : Java Developer at Kotak Bank

Experience: 6 to 8 years

Education : BE/BTech/ME/M.Tech/MCA

Programming Skill: Core-Java, Spring AOP, Spring MVC, Sprint Data, Spring Security, Spring Boot,Hibernate, SQL, Kafka Database: SQLite, Oracle 11G, MySQL, DB2, Cache, No SQL (MongoDb), CouchBase, Redis, Memcache


  • Minimum of 6 years of JAVA/J2EE experience with strong hands-on skills, solid understanding of Microservices, Spring Boot, Spring dependencies, Redis caching principles & implementation, spring security, EH Cache principles & implementation.
  • Well versed in Java/JEE technologies like Application servers, Spring technologies, Kafka, Netflix Conductor, ReSTful Services, JSON/XML, Eclipse Link, Junit/Spock, CI/CD Solid knowledge of the entire application development life cycle including configuration management practices and procedures.
  • Must have deep knowledge of Microservices Software testing and debugging (TDD) Knowledge of DevOps tools, CI/CD, Git, Bitbucket Strong understanding of software design patterns including object-oriented design (OOO), API/Web Service Design and methodology.
  • Experience in Docker, Kubernetes are added advantages. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Should be able to convey thoughts and information clearly.
  • Experience in working with a Trade Finance/ Corporate Banking domain are added advantages.

Nice to Have

  • Flexibility, energy and ability to work well with others in a virtual, geographically dispersed team environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to stay current with development best practices, existing and emerging technology platforms, and industry trends. Experience with formal software development methodologies, with a focus on Agile.
  • Excellent Communication skills Knowledge on agile and scrum Continuous integration and deployment Spring Security

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SAP PP/QM Consultant Jobs at Infosys

Who is SAP PP/QM Consultant

In the realm of enterprise resource planning (ERP), SAP stands as a titan, offering a suite of software solutions tailored to streamline and optimize business processes across various industries. Among its many modules, SAP Production Planning and Quality Management (PP/QM) are pivotal components for manufacturing firms striving for efficiency and quality assurance. At the heart of successful implementation lies the expertise of a SAP PP/QM Consultant, whose role transcends mere technical proficiency to become a catalyst for organizational transformation.

A SAP PP/QM Consultant serves as the bridge between technology and business operations, translating complex system functionalities into tangible benefits for clients. Their journey begins with a profound understanding of both manufacturing processes and SAP’s intricate architecture. Armed with this knowledge, they embark on a quest to align the software’s capabilities with the unique needs and objectives of each client.

One of the primary responsibilities of a SAP PP/QM Consultant is to design and configure the SAP system to support seamless production planning and control. This entails mapping out the entire manufacturing workflow, from resource allocation to scheduling, ensuring optimal utilization of resources while minimizing downtime. By leveraging SAP’s advanced planning tools, such as Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Capacity Planning, they enable clients to achieve higher levels of efficiency and responsiveness in their operations.

Quality management is another critical aspect overseen by SAP PP/QM Consultants. In a competitive market where product quality can make or break a brand, robust quality control measures are indispensable. Consultants work closely with clients to establish comprehensive quality management processes within the SAP environment, encompassing inspection planning, batch management, and defect tracking. Through integration with other SAP modules like Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), they ensure a holistic approach to quality assurance, encompassing both internal processes and customer satisfaction.

However, the role of a SAP PP/QM Consultant extends beyond technical implementation. They act as trusted advisors, guiding clients through the intricacies of change management and organizational restructuring. Implementing SAP solutions often necessitates a cultural shift within the organization, requiring effective communication and stakeholder engagement. Consultants play a pivotal role in fostering collaboration between different departments, breaking down silos, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Furthermore, a SAP PP/QM Consultant serves as a subject matter expert, keeping abreast of the latest industry trends and SAP updates. Through continuous learning and professional development, they stay ahead of the curve, offering clients innovative solutions to address emerging challenges. Whether it’s adopting cloud-based technologies, embracing Industry 4.0 principles, or implementing predictive analytics, consultants are at the forefront of driving innovation and driving business value.

In essence, the role of a SAP PP/QM Consultant transcends technical expertise to encompass strategic vision and business acumen. They are catalysts for transformation, empowering manufacturing firms to unlock their full potential and achieve operational excellence. As organizations navigate an increasingly complex and competitive landscape, the guidance of a seasoned SAP consultant becomes invaluable in charting a course towards sustainable growth and success.

In conclusion, the journey of a SAP PP/QM Consultant is one of continuous learning, adaptation, and innovation. By leveraging their expertise in SAP solutions and manufacturing processes, they empower clients to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and embark on a journey towards manufacturing excellence. As the manufacturing landscape evolves, their role remains indispensable in driving efficiency, quality, and agility across the supply chain

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Role of and Responsibility of SAP PP/QM Consultant

  1. Requirement Analysis:
    • Engage with clients to understand their business processes and requirements related to production planning and quality management.
    • Conduct detailed analysis of current systems, workflows, and pain points to identify areas for improvement.
  2. Solution Design:
    • Design SAP PP/QM solutions tailored to the specific needs and objectives of the client.
    • Create functional specifications and blueprints outlining the proposed system configuration and customization.
  3. System Configuration:
    • Configure SAP PP/QM modules according to the approved design, incorporating best practices and industry standards.
    • Customize system settings, master data, and transactional processes to align with client requirements.
  4. Integration:
    • Collaborate with other SAP module consultants (e.g., MM, SD) to ensure seamless integration between production planning, quality management, and other business functions.
    • Configure interfaces and data flows to facilitate real-time exchange of information between different SAP modules and external systems.
  5. Testing:
    • Develop comprehensive test plans covering all aspects of SAP PP/QM functionality, including unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing.
    • Execute test scenarios to validate system behavior, identify defects, and ensure compliance with business requirements.
  6. Training and Documentation:
    • Conduct end-user training sessions to familiarize stakeholders with SAP PP/QM functionality, processes, and best practices.
    • Prepare detailed user manuals, training materials, and documentation to support ongoing system usage and maintenance.
  7. Change Management:
    • Facilitate organizational change by communicating the benefits of SAP PP/QM implementation and addressing concerns from stakeholders.
    • Support business process reengineering efforts to align workflows with SAP best practices and drive operational efficiency.
  8. Post-Implementation Support:
    • Provide ongoing support and troubleshooting assistance to resolve issues related to SAP PP/QM functionality, configuration, and performance.
    • Monitor system performance, identify opportunities for optimization, and implement continuous improvement initiatives.
  9. Innovation and Knowledge Sharing:
    • Stay updated on the latest trends, developments, and innovations in SAP PP/QM technology and manufacturing industry practices.
    • Share knowledge and insights with colleagues, clients, and the broader SAP community through blogs, presentations, and networking events.
  10. Project Management:
    • Coordinate with project managers and stakeholders to ensure timely delivery of SAP PP/QM deliverables within scope, budget, and quality constraints.
    • Track project milestones, risks, and dependencies, and escalate issues as needed to mitigate project risks and ensure successful outcomes.

Technical and Professional Requirements at Infosys Apply here

Minimum 5+ years of relevant experience in SAP PP/ QM and well-versed in S4 HANA/ ECC with good analytical skills along with domain experience in manufacturing industry

• Experience in Implementation and Support Projects. In-depth knowledge in the below areas:

• Master Data – Bill of materials, Work centers/ Resources, Routings/ Recipe, Production versions, Inspection Plan, Master inspection, Characteristics, Catalogues and Code groups

• Material Requirement Planning – Configuration and Integration with, Procurement, Sales and Distribution, New strategy definition

• Production Order Execution – Order confirmation, Goods issue, Goods receipt and Back flushing

• Quality Management – Quality in Procurement, Quality in Production, In process inspection, Calibration and Quality in Sales

• Should have experience in writing Functional Specification, co-ordination with ABAP team, testing of new functionalities. Must have experience in SAP PP-QM integration with third party tool

Preferred Skills:


Generic Skills:


It suggest that , Person should the read complete Job information like, Role and responsibility , location etc. before apply

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SAP FICO technical Consultant Jobs

About the Post : SAP FICO technical consultant Jobs in Infosys

Job Responsibilities of SAP Fico Technical Consultant

  1. System Configuration: Configuring SAP FICO modules based on business requirements, including General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Asset Accounting (AA), Controlling (CO), and related sub-modules. This involves understanding business processes and translating them into system configurations.
  2. Custom Development: Developing custom solutions and enhancements using SAP programming languages such as ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) to address specific business needs that cannot be met through standard SAP functionalities. This may include developing custom reports, interfaces, enhancements, or workflows.
  3. Data Migration: Leading or assisting in data migration activities to ensure accurate and seamless transfer of financial data from legacy systems to SAP. This involves mapping data structures, cleansing data, and executing data migration programs to maintain data integrity and consistency.
  4. Integration: Designing and implementing integration solutions between SAP FICO and other SAP modules or external systems using middleware tools such as SAP Process Integration (PI/PO) or SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI). Ensuring smooth data flow and process automation across integrated systems.
  5. Technical Support: Providing technical support to end-users and functional consultants for SAP FICO-related issues, including troubleshooting system errors, performance tuning, and resolving technical challenges. Collaborating with SAP support teams or third-party vendors for escalated issues.
  6. System Upgrades and Enhancements: Assisting in SAP system upgrades, patches, and enhancement pack implementations for SAP FICO modules. Evaluating new features and functionalities introduced in new SAP releases and implementing relevant enhancements to improve system performance and usability.
  7. Testing and Quality Assurance: Planning and executing unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing for SAP FICO configurations, custom developments, and system enhancements. Ensuring that all changes meet functional requirements, are properly documented, and are compliant with best practices.
  8. Documentation and Training: Documenting technical specifications, configuration steps, custom development objects, and other relevant artifacts to maintain a comprehensive knowledge base. Providing training and knowledge transfer to end-users, functional consultants, and other team members as needed.
  9. Compliance and Security: Ensuring compliance with security standards and best practices for SAP systems, including user access controls, authorization roles, and segregation of duties (SoD) principles. Implementing security measures to protect sensitive financial data and prevent unauthorized access.
  10. Continuous Learning and Improvement: Staying updated on the latest SAP technologies, tools, and best practices related to SAP FICO. Participating in training programs, certifications, and knowledge-sharing forums to enhance technical skills and contribute to continuous improvement initiatives within the organization

Technical and Professional Requirements at Infosys:

Should have minimum 5 years of experience in integration skills of FICO with MM, SD • Candidate should have idea about process integration and flow in order to cash, purchase to pay and availability to produce cycles • Should be well versed in demonstrated configuration skills in key areas like AR, AP, General Ledger, Asset, Accounting, Product Costing and COPA • Candidate should have experience in writing Functional Specifications independently and should have worked on Custom Objects build from Scratch to Deployments • Should have experience in at least 1 end to end Implementation • Experience in working in areas like Concur, T&E and Industry specific solutions would be an added advantage • The candidate should have been in a customer facing role

Preferred Skills:


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